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Castway Island: April 2004 

I had a very relaxing holiday diving four times in Castway Island, yeah ,right that one of the movie… This is just I: 'Valeriosub'!Actually, the island opposite, where the film’s been shot, starring Tom Hanks, is a small, uninhabited island, and more suitable to the shooting; whereas Castway, is populated and a lot welcoming one!
The famous raft (made in Hollywood), has been given to the inhabitants of Castway as a souvenir, berthed and floating, some hundreds meters off shore.
The island is idyllic and I found them are not from less; four fantastic immersions:

1) Plantation Point
Ika Bazaar
Plantation Point

This is one 'Spirografo'... This is one 'Spirografo'...  This is one 'Spirografo'... This is one 'Spirografo'...

1) Plantation Point
It was my first diving experience at Fiji islands. There were two people: me and a local guide getting on board; our day-cruiser was equipped with a 200+200 HP engine… really fast and punctual!: at 8:45 a.m .we reached the diving sites and five5 minutes later we were just right in the water, diving around two pinnacles: the smaller one has a wide tunnel (ten meters long, from side to side).
There were large and average size fishes, most colourful, and among them, there was a large fish ball that let itself be vainly photographed. There were many anemonies. Getting in, we crossed the tunnel of the narrowest pinnacle: there were big and beautiful sphirographs and some coloured sponges stuck on the wall: great!!
We reached the top of the pinnacle: the view is really extraordinary: the guide used a small mirror and a small plastic bottle filling it up with some air, in order to attract fishes, so many fishes came” wrapping around us”, some others, on their own, were approaching, a bit curious ; what a pity to forget the waterproof camera during my first diving! I ‘m invited by our guide to watch, within a hole, an unusual big 'bivalve' (clam) which delivers electrical shocks! I’ve never seen or studied anything like that!! Anyway, I’ve seen it again during a further diving, as you can see in the pictures I’ve taken.

2) Ika Bazaar
Since this morning a couple of friends joined me for the next diving: Edward and Mary, (from Adelaide - Australia), to whom now I’m sending my greetings. I recall them with affection and sympathy as they received us in their home in Adelaide. We visited them that afternoon on our way back to Australia There were some sessile-like species, a beautiful kind of fish needle, then we peered, safely far away, two sharks within their lair ; then a beautiful Crossbow Fish eating his coral-based meal, a red featherlike Leon Fish and , so cute, a 'Nudibranco' fish that Mary showed me It’s been a wonderful and rich diving: but the best has yet to come…

Exceptional clam in a position to generating luminous electrical workers… This is the shark that son seen to me…

3) Plantation Point
We dived in a site where I ‘d already been two days earlier, but this time it was a completely different diving experience , sure it was different!
After a fast descent , lightly spinning , we passed beneath the wide tunnel of the smaller knoll ; where right in the middle our guide showed us a lair … was empty !!
What kind of fish was in there ? I was wondering…
One by one we got out from the other side … but suddenly I saw a shark behind Mary’s shoulders….. very close to her … getting far away and then quickly coming closer again, perhaps he was attracted by the flashing of my camera… I was scared a little bit, but sure it was thrilling!!

4) Supermarket
Never seen so many sharks… and so close! I suddenly realized the reason why that diving location is so oddly named: “…' perhaps it’s the place where the sharks, like in a supermarket, go shopping … of divers.., isn’ it ?”.Down there we looked at a beautiful sub-landscapes, some marine sessile-like fauna and furthermore, rich in variety and colour (corals, alcionacee, anemonies…) but, above all, so many sharks….: ten, twenty, I wouldn’t know! It seemed to watch on tv a documentary about sharks; one of those we watch comfortably seated at home… but this time, it was me in there !!!
They approached curious, as in a rapture produced by our guide clicking a pebble on his tin tank and , furthermore, from the shining of a small mirror brought down just for this aim! I ‘v taken several pics… the sharks were really close and, as soon as they’re coming as if they’re pointing straight toward you, just before making a sudden turn ,well ,sure, my heart was stopping for a moment.! … but I don’t know if wishing to anyone a further “lucky diving” just like this one or not…
A nice small yellow fish follows Edward all the time, coming along his tank, it has been our “mascotte” nearly for all the time.
The most scaring moment (but obviously there was no danger) has been the …pause ….. three very long lasting minutes…. we were “hovering” five meters beneath the surface, and three sharks …were whirling… beneath our….legs. Once up, getting on board it was all of a sudden!!!

Sharks... Sharks... A likeable small yellow fish follows Eduard (similar of Australian immersion) for all the immersion, aligned with its bottle in aluminum…

Sharks... Sharks...


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